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At Pace Appliance, we repair almost everything that you may think of using for cooling and refrigeration. From mini freezers to largest industrial refrigerators, we are there to offer you fast subzero service that you can rely on.

We cater to almost each and every brand as far as refrigerators and subzero appliances are concerned. You will find only the most qualified and skilled refrigerator service technicians working with us offering you speedy solutions.

Whether your refrigerator is failing to function the way it is supposed to or if you feel that your freezer is resulting in high electricity bills, we can help. Our experience lets us troubleshoot SUBZERO and WOLF appliances effectively and come to the root of the problem quickly. We are a same day service SUBZERO appliances repair company. In cases of emergencies, we can even reach you within an hour!

We understand that appliances do not stop performing on notice. It is not always possible to spend heaps of money on SUBZERO service when you are unprepared. Our services are very reasonably priced and highly affordable and we ensure you get the best service for the money you spend with us. This has made us a reliable SUBZERO repairs partner for a huge number of businesses and we intend to keep things that way.

Learn more about our efficient and affordable same day SUBZERO services. We guarantee to be there whenever you need us – our technicians are available 24×7, weekdays and weekends!

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